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Updated: Nov 21, 2023


The Lips Blush has become very popular and a game-changing these days, but, what exactly is a Lips Blush? Well, it's a semi-permanent lips tattoo meant to enhance and define your lips, intended to improve the natural color of your lips, and gives the illusion of fullness.

You can find this procedure by the name of lips tinting, lips blushing, lips contouring, lipstick tattooing, lip liner, and keep counting.

A permanent lip tattoo can radically improve your lips' appearance by giving more defined and full shape and eliminates the need for a lip liner pencil since your lips will already be perfectly outlined.

It's important to highlight that new lips tattoo techniques are totally different than what they used to be; pigments don't turn blue or gray, as now pigments are specifically made to be used in permanent makeup. Also, the latest techniques, such as the Aquarelle Lips technique point to very natural results, without rough edges, but instead imperceptible lines that blend with the rest of the lip, so that no one knows that your lips have been touched up.

Who would be the right candidate? Anyone looking to improve, uneven, scarred, or extremely thin lips makes the right candidate for this procedure. And take note, there are no age limits for it -to be 18+ of course- but other than that, I can make it happen.

As a result of growing older, lip color naturally fades and loses shape definition, but it can be perfectly improved without people noticing you did something. And don't get me wrong, not only aging skin needs a little enhancement, oh no! Young women and men have also lack shape definition or pale lips that can be fixed with a lips blush. Again, without someone asking if you had anything done, because the beauty of permanent makeup is to keep the most natural look (not about having a lipstick look), and to be clear, this procedure is not to be confused with lip fillers.

For some ladies, a lips blush is an option to leave the lip injections in the past.

Although its primary goal is not intended to add puffiness, while performed, the right shape of the lips it's found and defined gives the appearance of fuller lips, so it becomes a win-win for you!

What is the process like? After filling the consent forms, which is essential to have some input about your medical history (we don't want any surprises on the way), I will draw a detailed sketch that will show the correct shape. The shape may sometimes blend too much with your skin tone and doesn't let it be visible. The design has to be done, always considering your skin type and face features, the same doesn't fit everyone.

Once the sketch is done, we will discuss the color you will get according to the look you are pursuing: healthy, natural, bright, you name it, but if you ask me, natural it's always the best way to go, but that's me! Keep in mind that you can still use a more intense lipstick on top of your lips blush. Just an idea, bringing your daily basis lipstick can give me a good idea of the color you expect me to apply.

Once you are happy about shape and color decision, numbing cream will be applied to ease any discomfort, some clients come expecting intense pain, and then feel relieved knowing they were wrong. This procedure

is performed with a tattoo machine, and pigments made specifically for permanent makeup.Once we are done, you can go back to you daily routine, following some

simple indications, like keeping them moist at all times, that although are simple, are very important to follow to assure the best result; and the result for your lips tattoo is meant to be subtle. And pay attention, no downtime for this! Just avoid greasy/salty food and citrus, and don't use lipstick while your lips are healing. Simple, huh?

How long will it last? Depending on your lifestyle, how you followed the aftercare and other factors, it can easily last 1-3 years and don't forget that we all have different skin types, so this process will be different for all of us. To keep the color fresh and natural, I advise you to book a yearly touch up.

Suppose you decide to forget about getting more touch-ups, since its semi-permanent. In that case, the pigment will eventually fade, becoming a lighter version of

the color you had, and even so, people won't know you had this procedure done.

This procedure will add beauty, confidence, as well as convenience, no more lipstick stains on your glass.



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